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This is Romeo Martinez owner of Ministry Concrete. In this section I want to tell you a little about our Company. Ministry Concrete is a small company that specializes in residential custom concrete and masonry work as well as some foundation work. Ministry Concrete is a company based on doing things right without cutting corners. This is where we get our company motto “Integrity & Quality Craftsmanship”.

Having worked for my father at a young age allowed me to learn many aspects about the concrete trade, such as the business side. In addition, this opportunity helped me understand how to best deal with customers and situations that may arise on the job-site. I feel that the Customer and contractor should have excellent communication on what needs to be done as opposed to just assuming things are going to be done a certain way. This, I believe, is key to having a job done right and satisfying the customer. Also as important as communication is providing the customer with knowledge about materials, method of application, cost effectiveness, colors, time frames, scheduling, etc. If something cannot be done or should not be done, then the situation is explained to the Customer and together we will arrive at an alternate solution.

Some of the most common questions asked have to do with “cracking.” I personally like to inform and educate the customer on how we can best deal with cracks and what materials and/or methods we could use to better avoid them. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that concrete will not crack since no one can control the earth’s shifting. Therefore, we always carefully plan to cut stress joints wherever necessary. This is done because if the concrete were to crack it would most likely happen at the stress joints that were cut precisely for stress cracking. Also, steel reinforcement throughout the entire slab plays a big role in strengthening the compressive strength of concrete. It is a common myth that steel reinforcement stops concrete from cracking. This is not true. What steel does is, it keeps concrete from separating and shifting up and down if any cracking were to occur. Another myth is that thicker concrete will not crack. This is also not true — although it does help. Concrete, whether 1 inch thick or 1 foot thick could still crack. We at Ministry Concrete understand this and the many other problems that may arise in our trade. Therefore, we try to study why and where problems will occur and how to best deal with them so as to better avoid common flaws in the business of concrete — such as those relating to: method of application, weather, chemicals, proper sub-floor preparation, etc. All these factors play a large part in getting the job done right.

I have 28 years experience in concrete and am 4-years licensed and bonded with a California State C-8 Specialty License in Concrete. If you would like an estimate at no cost to you, please feel free to contact me through e-mail, phone or fax. Thank you and God Bless………….romeo

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