Colors - L.M. Scofield Color Chart for Lithochrome Chemstain

Weathered Bronze
Fern Green
Copper Patina
Antique Amber
Faded Terracotta
Dark Walnut
Padre Brown

The color effects produced by Lithochrome Chemstain are unique to each concrete surface and may differ significantly from those shown above. Wide variations, mottling, and unevenness of color should be expected and are normally desired. Experimentation with colors and application methods is required. Representative test sections must be produced on each concrete surface. An additional range of color effects is obtained when Lithochrome Chemstain is applied over Lithochrome Color Hardener, Scofield Overlay, or Scofiled Texturetop. Only a few of the many possible color combinations are shown.

To preserve the variegated appearance and protect the surface, chemically stained flatwork must be sealed with Cementone Clear Sealer, or for a more opaque, coated appearance, finish-coated with Colorcure Concrete Sealer in the matching or a similar color. Additional information about application procedures and special effects is available in Scofield's Tech-Data Bulletin A-414 Ltihochrome Chemstain. For Professional Use Only.

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