Colors - Brickform Blush - Tone Stain

CS-100 Jade
Soft Gray-Green, resembling aged Italian Marble
CS-200 Turquoise
Soft Blue Patina with undertones of Green
CS-300 Coffee
Reddish-Brown resembling Old Leather
CS-400 Caramel
Buckskin Suede Tone with Caramel Marbling
CS-500 Mahogany
Terra Cotta with Rust and Soft Brown Hues
CS-600 Ebony
Tortoise Shell Black with Brown Marbling

The color effects produced by Brickform Blush-Tone Concrete Stain are unique to each concrete surface and may differ significantly from the colors shown here. Wide variations, mottling and unevenness of color should be expected and are normally desired. Experimentation with colors and application methods is recommended. Representative test sections must be produced on each concrete surface. To preserve the variegated appearance and protect the surface, chemically stained concrete must be sealed with Gemseal Acrylic Sealer. For Professional Use Only.

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